Being Present Protocol

Being Present

“The power for creating a better future is contained in the present moment: You create a good future by creating a good present.” – Eckhart Tolle Most of you cognitively know or would have heard about the power of now. Being present enables us to realise the possibilities available for us at any moment, which […]

Basic Light Medicine

Light Medicine Basic

Light key healing system was introduced as a self-healing system and now it is expanding to a distant healing system. In the recent times, many elements of universe are being revealed to be commanded to expand our consciousness and mastery. In this course you will learn about the following elements and how to use them […]

Basic Light Keys Frequencies

Light Key Frequencies

Infinite healing light keys and transformation processes will bring more light into every area of your life and empower you to lead a happy and abundant life. You can tune into certain frequencies of the universe to create a great shift in your body, life and being. In this product, you will learn how to […]

Attracting Money Protocol


Would you like to call upon the magical Light Key frequencies to support you financially?In this simple protocol you will learn how to harmonize your relationship with money by releasing resistances to money flow. This protocol will also help you to create a non-judgemental space for money to come into your life with ease. Potential […]

Conscious Manifestation Protocol


This simple protocol helps you to manifest your desires with series of steps that would allow you to shed limiting energies and move into the space of possibilities with ease. Potential Benefits: Clear away blockages & limiting energies towards reaching your goals Accelerate the manifestation of desire with greater ease Synchronize your thoughts and  desires […]

Instant Relief Protocol

Instant Relief Protocol

Are you willing to have it too easy? Then, this protocol may be for you. Typically Light Key protocols are a series of steps using light keys, frequencies, processes, etc. But this one is different – it is cute and hilarious. The universe is kind and has all the resources we require. This protocol simply […]

Healing Abuse and Trauma

Healing Abuse and Trauma

If you have repeating patterns in life, it is possible that you are stuck in time when an abuse or trauma occurred. A series of simple steps channeled by Nila gently lifts you and helps you move forward in life. The best thing about this process is that you do not have to relive the […]

Protocol for Forgiveness

Forgiveness Protocol

Basic Light Key Protocol for Forgiveness – Golden Wings of Kindness Resentments cause diseases and illnesses. What if you can effortlessly let go of the resentments you have been carrying for years and reverse your health conditions? Are you the one creating your life or is it your past? Are you wondering if it is […]

Baby Peace

Baby Peace Protocol

Baby Peace Light Key Protocol combines the vibration of Light Keys, Light Key frequencies and Light Key processes to soothe the energy, calm the nerves, and create a deep state of relaxation and peace. Couples who practice the protocol are likely to experience improved physical and emotional intimacy. Easy and simple to follow, this protocol […]

Clearing Energy Blocks

Clearing Energy Blocks

Do you feel stuck and powerless in any area of your life? Then, this protocol is for you. Actually Harshini is the one who inspired Nila to do this call. She is 17 and had severe fear of crowd, talking to people etc. Her only friends are her mom and grandma. The intensity of this […]