Basic Light Medicine

Light Medicine Basic

Light key healing system was introduced as a self-healing system and now it is expanding to a distant healing system. In the recent times, many elements of universe are being revealed to be commanded to expand our consciousness and mastery. In this course you will learn about the following elements and how to use them […]

Basic Light Keys Frequencies

Light Key Frequencies

Infinite healing light keys and transformation processes will bring more light into every area of your life and empower you to lead a happy and abundant life. You can tune into certain frequencies of the universe to create a great shift in your body, life and being. In this product, you will learn how to […]

Joyous Body Protocol

Joyous Body Protocol

Joyous Body Protocol is a self-help procedure consisting of a series of steps that use the vibration of light keys to restore the body’s healing ability and create harmony and peace with the body. Certified Practitioners can also perform this protocol on clients. This has been the most celebrated protocol in the entire light key […]