Do you feel stuck and powerless in any area of your life? Then, this protocol is for you.

Actually Harshini is the one who inspired Nila to do this call. She is 17 and had severe fear of crowd, talking to people etc. Her only friends are her mom and grandma. The intensity of this fear was 10. Her mom got the protocol and asked her to try. After just one try which takes about 5 min, Harishini said the intensity came down to 6. She was motivated to try the next day and this is the feedback Nila got from her mom:

“My daughters intensity is 0 now for fear of talking to people. She also says that she feels very happy and have gained confidence through this process.

She is a very quiet person keeping to herself. Never wants to talk to people. Now when she says she gained lots of confidence, im very happy. Very grateful. Thank you so much.”

Nila was inspired by Harshini’s receiving and decided to roll it out to everyone.

This light key protocol, Channelled by Nila, is very simple involving some eye movements and tuning into specific frequencies. This protocol will help you clear blocks in any area of your life.

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