Light key courses are two-hour study units – and up to 4 hours a day, which I teach at your convenience, online, via Zoom, during the study you practice the processes and you can experience the changes.

New courses are added to the list of courses from time to time.

Each course has a manuel and a recording of the meeting.

The courses are divided into learning light keys and protocols which are a few simple steps to implement:

~ For self-help only – in a single session of tremendous healing

~ Courses for practitioner certificate – in which a dealer certificate is awarded,

~ Basic courses, some of which have continuing studies of more advanced processes.

~ Continuing courses and advanced courses for self-help or certification.

~ Courses under my exclusive guidance.

This is a flexible system, and if you just came here, the two courses I would recommend as a start and introduction:

  1. Practice simple processes that require 15 minutes a day, which will create a tremendous change in your life. It is an experience of immediate and powerful results as emotional charges and limitations drop effortlessly, and begin to embrace the divinity within you! With a journey towards your mastery. Of 36 days of Blue Print,
  1. The most popular process: Joyous Body Protocol that helps in a tremendous change in the body.

Where high-frequency symbols are used on various positions in the body, The feeling is of the joy of the body – it is a very special experience, and beyond that, every day I receive exciting messages about the healing that is created – even in complicated health conditions.
After studying, and filling out a short quiz – I authorize to give the process.
Can be given by in person, or remotely,
So that you will immediately be able to apply and help others!

The ultimate Light Clinic Program is your A to Z 12 online class meetings to create your Light Healing business

Personal Session with Tagit