Are you willing to have it too easy? Then, this protocol may be for you.

Typically Light Key protocols are a series of steps using light keys, frequencies, processes, etc. But this one is different – it is cute and hilarious.

The universe is kind and has all the resources we require. This protocol simply helps you tap into various frequencies of the universe that can contribute to us in a very simple and hilarious way.

This protocol not only fixes the issues but also helps with creating more.

This product is NOT for the people

  • Who wants to work hard
  • Who does not want ease
  • Who value complication
  • Who loves to have it difficult

because they will be very disappointed with the outcome and the product. If you are someone who likes to embrace ease, grace, and humour, join us!

Practitioners have used it on all sorts of upset, work stress, allergic reactions and so on to change them within minutes!

87$ (USD)

Video recording