The Top Edge of Healing:

In Light Clinic course, you will receive comprehensive and in-depth training to become a light healer.

Light Medicine journey of transforming and transmuting the energy through advanced Light Key frequencies and processes in order to create light and lightness across the body.

These potent processes take you on a journey of developing the body to be a vehicle of light on the planet.


If you practice the techniques introduced in this product regularly,
you may be able to embrace your unique healing gifts and channel new healing processes.
This could be a very empowering and life changing experience. This level will help you embody light and lightness with ease.

As a certified practitioner, you can use these elements & protocol on your clients to contribute to their body and .health – in person or remote.

Preparation includes:
prerequisites for light key courses
Personal apprenticeships
Powerful activations

This is an in-depth journey of comprehensive training of a light clinic Program,
Design as 3 months course:
on line 12 classes 
with manuals and recording

3 personal attunments- bonus 

7 certificates to add for your practice
*some are certified by Nila with extra cost(The founder of Light Keys system)

3 activations accened to 5D

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