About Tagit

I invite you to experience the magic of what is possible,

See what happens when opportunities come to you – and indeed you accept the invitation, even when you did not know completely What is it about, just something called you and you felt there was something there for you, or maybe your curiosity arose –

This is what happened to me,One  moment of attention, I responded to a post I read in a Facebook – something attracted me and intrigued me,

My name is Tagit  Dance, for over 25 years I have been involved, treating and guiding people in healing and empowerment methods.

In August 2019, a request came to my eyes from Nila (founder of the Light Keys 

 Wellbeing  System ) She  was looking for 33 people to practice something she called a Light Key.

She asked to commit to practicing with a pen and paper for 15 minutes a day. For 33 consecutive days. I wrote that I would love to try. Out of hundreds of responses – she chose 32 people, the 33rd – the name – Tagit Dance – she received in her meditation, and looked for me among the respondents!

For 33 days we practiced one key – Because of the group energy, a tsunami of processes, keys and protocols were created, and The  method of light keys for healing was born!

The method is constantly evolving.

We are ten facilitators from all over the world. We sought to guide the Light Keys when we saw the immense, immediate, and profound changes that had taken place. Since then, I have taught hundreds of participants and new people are constantly joining – learning the keys. Today people practice the Light Keys in more than 100 countries.

Today, I am busy facilitating courses with the powerful exercises and processes of Light Keys. We have created a special community, which is growing and growing. A great  honor for me!

I’m curious to know, what’s going to happen to you, if there’s something here that intrigues you, this is my invitation to you,

Experience, get to know and embrace the magical Light Keys!

Please do not forget to tell me – I will be most happy to  hear from you about your healing journey with the Light Keys!

תגית דאנס

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