Light Keys

About Light Keys

Light key wellness &  healing system is a wonderful technique that helps you heal your body, life and being
Towards a life of fulfillment and realization, and the discovery of the divinity and mastery within each of us.
The system includes a set of high vibration keys, practices, protocols, processes and frequencies. These are simple techniques for self-learning, for immediate and powerful changes.

Study and heal with Light Keys

you are invited to  learn with me classes online, each last several hours – the processes and protocols are for self-help, and  you can choose to qualify to practice the method, and add them to your toolbox – remotely, or in person.

Private session with Tagit

All the processes I teach and much more – can be received in a personal session – according to what is required for you & your body.
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Zoom Classes - online everywhere in the world

In order to allow you to reach the course from anywhere and from a distance, courses of light keys under my guidance are also conducted in your zoom, time, space and convenience!
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Nila - The founder of Light Keys

The Light Keys Wellness system was first channeled by Nirmela Rajo (also known as Nila) on 2011, when she download something  called “Light Key” from Ms. Mira Alfasa. (Known in southern India affectionately as “the mother”)

Nila has been practicing this Light Key over the years.


Only in 2019 was Nila instructed to bring out the Light keys  to the world, and since then this method has been constantly expanding.

Nila has been a healer, psychic, facilitator in a wide variety of healing and empowerment practices, since 1997

People from over 100 countries around the world are practicing the Light Keys, And report amazingly fast and powerful results.

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