In this course you will learn how to use and apply the following light key frequencies & Vortices to create a limitless 5-dimensional reality:

 Silver ray frequency: All about creating magical changes in the body. This frequency is used to prepare the body for high vibrational reality.
Golden Ascension frequency: This frequency permeates deep and brings the resolutions that help the being to move into 5D.
Diamond heart frequency: This frequency creates oneness and clarity. Great for conflict resolution and attracting the right people who will help you to move into the 5D reality.
Milkyway Frequency: This frequency helps in manifestation.
Secondary light key frequencies: These are frequencies of the commonly known concepts/objects of this reality that are contributory at this point of time on planet earth.

Vortices are frequencies in action with the collective consciousness. Vortices are very powerful and can be invoked and used in many magical ways.

In this course, you will learn how to use vortices to reap benefits in the areas of vitality, prosperity, harmony, relationships.


227$ (USD)

Video recording
E-Certificate of completion (after passing a short quiz).

Pre Requisiet:
Basic Light Keys Frequencies course