Joyous Body Protocol is a self-help procedure consisting of a series of steps that use the vibration of light keys to restore the body’s healing ability and create harmony and peace with the body.

Certified Practitioners can also perform this protocol on clients.

This has been the most celebrated protocol in the entire light key system.

This protocol takes only about 15-20 minutes to complete and in just 11 days, you will find a considerable shift in your body.

We will cover 3 additional tools along with Joyous body Protocol:

  • Use an element of the universes   – A very effective tool to change anything and everything that is not working for you.
  • Command for releasing virus, bacteria and parasites – To remove any infection, inflammation or decay in the body and create a healthy body.
  • Taster of Light key experience – Introduces the power of using light keys for creating peace and harmony.

    • Boost the immune system.
    • Restore the body’s healing
    • Remove Viruses, Bacteria & Parasites
    • Energy blocks are cleared in the body.
    • Enhanced energy flow.
    • An overall sense of well being and vitality.
    • Keep the Body’s energy High Vibration
    • Empowered to help others with healing.




175$ (USD)


  • Manual and recording.
  • E-Certificate of completion(after passing a short quiz):
    To perform on clients